It’s time to elect our 2014/2015 IFAP Steering Committee! We will be electing members to serve in the following positions:

-President/Co-President (at least one): recruit students and attorneys in the fall quarter; support the Steering Committee in their duties; coordinate with the IFAP faculty advisors; perform all other duties necessary to keep IFAP functioning smoothly and financially stable. Experience with IFAPSteering Committee required.

-Secretary: take minutes at Steering Committee meetings and distribute by electronic mail. Manage office hour scheduling and train steering committee on office hour responsibilities.

-Administrative Representative: prepare an annual budget; provide financial data to the Advisory Council; reimburse expenditures. Organize and attend Advisory Council meetings; create an agenda for the meeting and facilitate discussion of these items; ensure follow-up on items discussed; recruit members for the Advisory Council and update members on IFAP activities. (This position combines Ad Council and Treasurer responsibilities).

-Co-Case Manger:  one case manager shall be selected each year from the rising 2L class and will serve a 2-year term.  Duties of the co-case managers shall include organizing and facilitating fall training sessions; preparing and distributing training manual; working with NWIRP to match students and pro bono attorneys with clients; conducting case management.

-Event Coordinator: organizes IFAP events (including the annual fundraiser, Social Justice Tuesday, and thank-you event for IFAP alumni), applies for funding from the various University sources to cover costs, makes all the necessary contacts and preparations for the event, including: finding speakers, scheduling venues, coordinating food/catering, etc. Delegates tasks to 1L reps and other Steering Committee members as necessary.

-Database and Strategic Chair: Manages all information, tracking and reporting via IFAP database.  Updates client, volunteer attorney, volunteer student, and IFAP alumni information in database.  Train other IFAP SC members on database use and coordinate/delegate database entry projects, as necessary.  Works closely with Administrative Representative and Case Managers to obtain and track appropriate information.  Work with Law School tech personnel and “We Pro Bono” system support to handle any repairs or upgrades. Prepare annual Strategic Report to compile data that has to do with institutional memory.

-Outreach Coordinator: Posts updates to the IFAP blog and website at least once each quarter, especially after Advisory Board meetings, student trainings/case assignments, and annual fundraising event.  Emails IFAP donors and listserv members with highlights and links to the full blog and website.

-Co-Interpreter Liaison (2): Carry out the recruitment of interpreters and assist teams that need assistance procuring an interpreter. Helps maintain program with UW Spanish Department to provide interpreter services to IFAP student teams.

-Duties for ALL SC Members: weekly office hours, attend monthly SC meetings, help out with IFAP events as needed (SJT’s, fundraising events, etc.).

If you are interested in joining the IFAP Steering Committee for 2014-2015, please e-mail a one-page application to Richard Dyer (dyerrc@uw.edu) and Erin Hebert (erin.hebert919@gmail.com) with “IFAP Steering Committee Application” in the subject line. The application should cover the following six items:

(1) Name, Phone number, UW E-mail address, location over summer

(2) The position(s) to which you are applying

(3) The reasons you would like to serve in that position

(4) Any other positions that you would consider

(5)  The skills/experiences that will assist you in that position (please include your previous involvement with IFAP)

(6) Any other information that you would like to share

The deadline for complete applications is Friday May 9th at 5pm. Please email us with any questions!

Neither position requires previous experience with the IFAP Steering Committee. Please pass this information along to fellow students who may be interested. We look forward to reviewing your responses.

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The IFAP Fellow would have the opportunity to work with attorneys at NWIRP, connect with the greater legal community in the area, and gain some valuable project management experience.

The responsibilities of the Fellow will continue through the Fall 2014 quarter, and Fellows are encouraged to remain involved in IFAP on the Steering Committee even after all tasks have been completed.

Please take a look at the job description, below, and any questions can be directed to Richard Dyer (dyerrc@uw.edu). Note that the deadline to apply is Friday, May 9th at 5pm.

2014 Bruce & Aphrodite Garrison IFAP Summer/Fall Fellow

Job Description:  Student will work with the IFAP Steering Committee, the Faculty Supervisor, the IFAP Advisory Council, and staff at the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) to coordinate IFAP activities and provide general administrative support to the organization.  The position will correspond to Summer and Autumn Quarters 2014.


  • Plans and facilitates the annual IFAP Fall CLE for pro bono attorneys
  • Recruits pro bono attorneys
  • Performs legal research and works with the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project staff attorneys in order to make necessary substantive updates and recommended additions to the IFAP Training Manual
  • Creates and completes independent projects in communication with the Steering Committee and the Faculty Advisor (if Fellow is interested)
  • Works with the Database Manager to make a plan for comprehensive transfer of data to IFAP’s new database

Schedule:  Works part-time or full-time, to be determined based on circumstances of student awarded the position.

  • If enrolled as a student during summer quarter (externship credits or courses), can work no more than 19 hours per week, beginning July 1st

For the general work study information: See


  • However, if not enrolled as a student during summer, may work full-time hours beginning July 1st

For the full-time summer work study information: See


Compensation: $15/hr*

*Must be Work Study eligible (i.e. must be a student who plans to return for the 2014-2015 academic year and who receives financial aid – Please contact the Work Study Administration office for more information about eligibility, 206-685-1985)

Deadline for application submissions: Friday, May 9, 2014 @ 5pm

A final decision will be made by May 19, 2013.

To download application click here  – SummerFellowshipApp2014

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Office Hours – Spring Term 2013-14


12:30-1:30 Maggie Davis

3:00-4:00 Erin Apte



9:30-10:30 Erin Hebert (Case Manager)

12:30-1:30 Richard Dyer

3:30-4:30 Sook Kim (Case Manager)



10:30-11:30 Sierra McWilliams

12:30-1:30 Sarah Chaplin

3:30-4:30 Mariah Ferraz



9:30-10:30 Dan O’Brien

3:30-4:30 Tamara Gaffney

4:30-5:30 Kristi R.



9:30 – 10:30 Alex R-T

12:30-1:30 Zach Parsons

3:30-4:30 Lindsay Donahue

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Interpreter Request Form

If you anticipate that you will need interpreter services while working on your UVisa case let the Interpreter Liaisons know! Please fill out the form attached to this post and email it in an attachment to ifapinterpreter@gmail.com by January 15th. We encourage you to turn in the form earlier if possible as it will allow us to find the best fit of interpreter for you.

Download form: interpreterrequestform-2013-201411-3-2

Interpreter Request Form – DUE January 15, 2014

Email in an attachment to the following address ifapinterpreter@gmail.com

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Interpreter Position Description – Fall 2013

Position Description and Application Information for the IFAP Interpreter Program:
Winter & Spring 2014

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the position, feel free to contact either Alex Revelas and Maggie Davis at ifapinterpreter@gmail.com. We’ll be happy to chat with you.


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Interpreter Training

There is a valuable upcoming opportunity for people who speak a second language and would like to gain experience interpreting for the UW Legal Clinics!

This Friday, November 22nd, from 12-4pm the UW Clinic will be holding an interpreter training. The training will be conducted by a highly experienced court interpreter and lunch will be provided. After completing the training, interpreters will receive emails detailing opportunities to interpret at different UW clinics. They may decide to offer their services based on their own experience and schedule. There is no minimum commitment to interpret.

Interpreting for law clinics is a wonderful opportunity to learn about different areas of law and determine if you would like to participate in a clinic during your 2L or 3L year. It also a fantastic opportunity to help the local Spanish speaking community gain access to important legal services.

Please complete the attached document by Thursday and send it to Harold Daniels at hdaniels@uw.edu. The deadline to apply is Thursday, the 21st at 9am.

If you are interested in the training, but cannot make it this friday, email Alex Revelas at arevelas@uw.edu so that she can put you on the list for the January training.

Training Application

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Case Application Now Available Online

This link enables you to download the IFAP Case Application. Good luck on your case! — Case sign up application 2013-2014

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