Interpreter Program

IFAP Interpreters

· IFAP interpreters work closely with a team of law students, a supervising attorney and a UVisa applicant. The interpreter provides interpretation services during a series of client meetings and phone calls, in addition to translating documents. Volunteer interpreters attend several trainings in order to better perform their duties and benefit from the support and oversight of experienced interpreters.
· IFAP interpreters also help to strengthen the interpreter program by designing training materials for the following year, translating commonly used forms and expanding a translation bank of words that are used commonly during client meetings.

Support and Training

IFAP interpreters receive oversight and guidance from interpreter liaisons. The role of interpreter liaison is to make sure that interpreters have the best experience possible with the groups that they are translating for by advocating their behalf, establish guidelines for IFAP groups to follow when working with interpreters and help interpreters find solutions to scheduling issues. The interpreter liaisons hold bi-monthly check in meetings with interpreters, provide them with language banks, train them on the translation of commonly used documents and address any questions interpreters might have.

Interpreters also receive trainings in basic interpretation and translation skill sets, domestic violence awareness, cultural competencies and country specific knowledge. Trainings are conducted by experienced interpreters and immigrant advocates who work with local Hispanic communities.

Time Commitment

Students earning credit through the Carlson center commit to 60 hours of service with the IFAP interpreter program including 15 hours of training. All of the trainings will be scheduled based on the convenience of the IFAP interpreters. Interpreters are required to attend domestic violence awareness trainings, cultural competency trainings and legal Interpretation trainings held at the beginning of February. We will also hold twice monthly check-ins, or more if needed.

The dates and times of these trainings and check-ins will be adjusted to meet the scheduling needs of the accepted applicants. Students who decide to enroll in the program as a volunteer and not receive credit will still be required to attend all trainings and their time commitment will be established with the interpreter co-liaisons. A UVisa case usually takes five months to complete and IFAP interpreters should be prepared to commit to the program until the middle of June of 2015.

Application Information

A successful applicant will have the following.

  • 300 level course work in the Spanish Language
  • Capacity to hold a telephone conversation in Spanish.
  • Effective use of conditional and subjunctive tenses. Effective use of future and past tenses.
  • Ability to comfortably hold a conversation in Spanish that spans a variety of topics.
  • Emotional maturity

Application Requirements

See the Carlson Center Website for more information.


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