Support Our Work

As a primarily student-run, volunteer organization, IFAP depends greatly on contributions from outside donors to continue assisting immigrant survivors of domestic violence. Your contribution will make a big difference in both IFAP’s work and the lives of our clients!

Your support goes a long way toward ensuring the continued success of the IFAP program. Your contributions support:

  • IFAP’s annual CLE to train new pro bono attorneys.
  • Trainings for student volunteers.
  • Speaker series focused on current topics in the area of immigration law and domestic violence.
  • Critical administrative costs.

Your contributions also mitigate the financial burden imposed on our clients by the visa application process.  Many clients come to us from poverty-stricken towns in foreign places without the language or skills to even earn minimum wage. Other clients are working their hardest just to make ends meet. Your support helps remove some of the barriers our clients face in pursuing citizenship, including:

$6.00:      Bus fare to and from meeting with pro bono attorney
$10.00:    Police clearance report
$15.00:    Fingerprinting fee
$30.00:    Photocopying costs for application preparation
$25.00 – $50.00:   Ordering copies of birth or marriage certificates from client’s home country
$180.00:  Filing fee for an employment authorization application or renewal


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