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“Here in law school, there are several opportunities that make it easy to get involved.  IFAP felt to me like the most rewarding because it offered real client experience, a way to help someone, and it allowed me to get involved in one of my main interests – immigration.”
– Chris Lanterman, IFAP student volunteer, 2010-2011

Many former UW law students highlight IFAP as one of the best experiences of their academic career. Why? Students who take on IFAP cases work on real cases serving real people while getting a jump-start on cultivating legal skills that are difficult to learn in school.

IFAP is one of the only opportunities available for first-year students to gain hands-on case management experience. Students learn how to interview clients, work as a team to manage a case, conduct legal writing and research, and navigate the immigration, domestic violence, and criminal law systems. Additionally, IFAP provides students with multiple avenues of support so they feel confident in moving forward with their assigned cases. Student volunteers are supervised by pro bono attorneys, have access to trainings and case check-ins, and can contact student case managers on anything from navigating a tricky situation to asking advice on a challenging case.

After filing their clients’ completed applications, students can rest assured that their efforts not only enabled survivors of violent crime to take a step towards citizenship – their work also helped alleviate a daunting backlog of U-Visa applications.

We invite you to join the long list of IFAP alums who have carried a case from start to finish. We need you in order to continue successfully supporting women and families petition for status – an important step for survivors who are rebuilding their lives after violent encounters.

Law students who wish to participate in IFAP can contact any of our steering committee members or email IFAP generally assigns cases to students during Winter quarter after Fall quarter trainings.


We are looking for pro bono attorneys to volunteer during the 2012-2013 school year. IFAP is a great pro bono opportunity for any attorney. IFAP trains and matches law students with pro bono attorneys to provide representation to immigrant survivors of crime and domestic violence who are eligible to obtain lawful immigration status in the U.S.

Attorneys do not need to have experience with immigration law or any specific practice area. Attorneys supervise only one pair of law students on a single case. The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project provides insurance coverage and additional support to pro bono attorneys.

Interested? The 2012 CLE is set for Friday, October 19 at Perkins Coie. Full information and registration here. The cost is only $35 for attorneys who agree to take a case during the 2012-2013 school year.

If you are interested in learning more about doing pro bono work in Fall 2011, please contact IFAP or call (206) 543-7501.